Membership Overview

Membership Overview

All certified technicians (CVT’s) in Vermont must have attended and graduated from an accredited AVMA Veterinary Technology program, they must have passed the VTNE (Veterinary Technician National Exam), practice under the VVTA Grandfather Clause of 2007 or qualify by the reciprocity guidelines stated in the association bylaws.

Certification increases the professional visibility of veterinary technicians in Vermont and across the nation.

If you work in the veterinary industry and do not meet the qualifications to be a certified technician, we hope that you still become a member of the VVTA. VVTA Membership provides many benefits and introduces you to new colleagues, skills, discounts, job opportunities and continuing education. It also provides access to reduced rate rabies tittering and human rabies vaccination clinics, and discounted NAVTA rates because of local association membership. Our goal is to support our members, network and help you drive your career goals forward.

Once having graduated from an AVMA accredited school and passed the VTNE, individuals can apply for certification. The certification coordinator will verify the application, diploma, and VTNE scores and then if all is in order they will send a welcome letter, bylaws and two copies of certification (one for your records and one to display at the place of work). Members have two years to accumulate 18 CE credits (online maximum of 6 credits) to maintain certification. Membership dues are collected annually while certification credits are accrued in two-year cycles in order to allow members to attend larger events and thus collect more credits at one time. The VVTA and the VVMA both offer live education opportunities annually if traveling a significant distance for live CE poses a challenge to any member.

Continuing education credits must be RACE (Registry of Approved Continuing Education) approved, State association approved, or pre-approved by the VVTA board to be considered valid credits. Please understand that we cannot accept credits from in-office educational meetings by your hospital’s doctors, dog training sessions, or other interactions with RACE approved speakers. Well organized continuing education meetings will let you see what the future of your career holds – embrace it!

In addition to member benefits, members of the VVTA may vote, hold office, attend business meetings and receive informational emails.

We appreciate your participation in helping to shape the future of the veterinary profession in this state in a supportive atmosphere and make new friends and contacts along the way. Join us and share your ideas and goals for the future!

Click here to view the VVTA’s membership bylaws.