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Vermont Veterinary Technicians Association


The Vermont Veterinary Technicians Association (VVTA) is open to all technicians, veterinary assistants and interested office staff. One of our major goals is to provide continuing education for technicians. We are happy to include non-certified technicians, and encourage them to seek out education options and pursue continuing education opportunities. With the rapid development of new drugs, equipment and techniques, it is especially important for technicians to stay current in their field.

Our Mission:

The VVTA strives for excellence for our members and our profession. Our organization’s main goal is to further our member’s knowledge base via exceptional, affordable, local continuing education and self-improvement opportunities. We would like to support and complement our veterinary community daily and especially during a disaster. We want to work synergistically with veterinarians to help as many animals as possible live better, healthier lives. Veterinary technicians are the liaison between pet owners and their veterinarians. As a group, we work daily to help pet owners care for their pet responsibly and with respect.